Does Your Pre-Workout Have These Ingredients?

Does your pre-workout have the necessary ingredients to deliver the energy you need to give 110% in your workouts? Most pre-workouts have intense names like C4 and N.O Xplode, but then fall short when it comes to delivering the serious pump you’re craving. When I look for pre-workouts, or recommend pre-workouts I generally look for these ingredients:

1. Caffeine (Obviously)

There are caffeine-free pre-workouts available on the market but I personally haven’t used them and don’t plan on it. Then, there are the polar opposite of these pre-workouts on the market: pre-workouts with 300+ mg of caffeine. I drink coffee throughout the day so, when I shop for a pre-workout, I generally look for a caffeine dose of roughly 150 mg. It can be a little more or less but I’ve found that 150 mg is more than enough to increase my alertness and focus.

2. Beta Alanine

At this point, I don’t even seriously consider taking a pre-workout without at least 1 g of Beta Alanine per serving. Beta Alanine acts as a fatigue (lactic acid) buffer which helps you workout with more intensity and for a longer duration. MyProtein My Pre packs a powerful Beta Alanine punch and meets my caffeine criteria. So does Neon Sport Volt, which is another one of my favorite pre-workouts.

3. Citrulline Malate

Citrulline Malate is another serious fatigue fighter. By reducing the amount of ammonia in the blood, Citrulline may help postpone lactic acid build up. Studies have also shown that excess Citrulline in the blood may lead to increased arginine in the blood resulting in greater NO production (a.k.a a bigger pump).

4. Creatine (optional)

Depending on your physique and your goals, creatine may be a fantastic ingredient for you and luckily it’s in almost every relevant pre-workout (in relatively small doses) so you’ll probably get it one way or another.  From my own experience, I’ve found creatine to be very useful for heavy sets of  1-3 reps. As far as aesthetics go, I’ve actually benefited from stopping my intake of creatine to look drier, more lean, and I’ve seen greater vascular and striation visibility.

These are the Pre-Workouts I’m mainly interested in now:

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Thanks to my friends at MyProtein for hooking me up with your MYPRE to test out. I’ll be giving a full review of it soon!

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