The 4 Best Ways to Heal Sore Muscles

4 ways to heal sore muscles

If you want to feel physically and mentally prepared to perform at your absolute best every day, whether in the gym or in the office, you need these recovery techniques in your life.

trigger point therapy massage deep tissue1. Trigger Point Therapy

Invest in a Trigger Point roller, Tiger Tail, Deep Tissue Massage or even just a $5 lacrosse ball. Use any of these items/services to roll out the tight knots in your muscles. This recovery technique will increase bloodflow to your muscles, enhance mobility and it’s also a terrific stress relief. Think about it, the only thing keeping you from getting a massage every day is the $60+/hour. Why not invest less than $60 and give yourself a Deep Tissue Massage every day for the rest of your life?!


stretch sore muscle recovery2. Static Stretching

This is the easiest
recovery technique to do every day and probably the most popular when it comes to alleviating sore muscles. It requires absolutely no equipment which means no investment. At the very least just stretch out your hips, glutes, hamstrings and quads for 10 minutes every day and you’ll notice amazing lower back pain relief and better mobility throughout the day.



3. Dynamic Stretching

While it isn’t as easy as Static Stretching, Dynamic Stretching is ultimately better for overall performance and injury prevention. 5-10 minutes per day can make a big difference in your daily movements.

seduction.jpg4. Sleep Position

This is the easiest recovery technique: Take note of how you sleep. Is your lower back always uncomfortable? You’re probably sleeping on your stomach a lot. Try sleeping on your back or on your side for joint and lower back relief. Is your right shoulder always tight and sore?  You probably always sleep on your right shoulder

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