The 80/20 Diet Rule

EXOS 80/20 rule exosfuel nutrition sports nutrition diet

This is by far the easiest diet you’ll ever do. The 80/20 rule was something I was used to doing but never really thought about until I took my EXOS Performance Specialist Certification. EXOS (formerly Athlete’s Performance) coined the 80/20 diet rule for athletes to follow. It’s a means to eat clean but also enjoy life so you don’t feel deprived. Here’s how it works

80% of your diet comes from clean, unprocessed, whole sources.

You’ll eat whole vegetables, whole fruit (not canned, jarred, pickled, etc.), fresh meat, nuts, and other whole sources of foods. The majority of your diet will be clean and used for fueling your workouts and daily activities.

20% of your diet is flexible.

This is the part of your diet where you can eat things like ice cream, cheeseburgers, fries, and the foods that you crave, that feed your soul. This 20% portion provides incredible mental relief and gives you the opportunity to go out to dinner with your family, get a drink with your friends, and not feel guilty.

Here’s how you can structure the 80/20 rule in your diet:
1. Out of 5 meals per day, 1 meal is flexible. 4/5 meals = 80% clean, 20% soul food.
2. Out of 7 days per week, 1 day is flexible. 6/7 = 85% clean, 15% soul food.

The Benefits of the 80/20 Rule (as defined by EXOS)

EXOS 80/20 rule exosfuel nutrition sports nutrition diet

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