How to Detox Without Buying Expensive Products

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The easiest way to detox is to not “tox” in the first place. That being said, people still booze and eat junk food only to wake up the next day to reap the consequences. Without knowing where to turn, they buy “detox teas”, or go to a CVS and buy a $50 detox kit. Luckily, your body offers you the best detox kit on Earth for free. You just have to use it. Here’s what you can do to detox in one day that without refinancing your house:

1) Hydrate: 0.5 – 1 ounce of water per lb of bodyweight.

While this is a general rule of thumb that should be used on a day to day basis, it’s safe to assume that if you’re looking to detox you probably aren’t practicing this technique. If you weight 150 lbs, you’re going to need between 75 oz  (a little over a half gallon) and 150 oz of water (a little over a gallon). You can load up a large pitcher with sliced cucumbers, ice, sliced citrus fruit, mint leaves, strawberries and whatever else your heart desires to make it more flavorful, just make sure you drink it all by the end of the day. Here are more ways to improve your hydration.

2) Sweat.

Your skin is your body’s largest detox organ. Body wraps, detox teas, and the other questionable products out there won’t work more efficiently than your skin. Hit up your gym’s steam room, sauna, or layer up and hit the treadmill. Sometimes all you need is a good sweat!

3) Drink Green Tea

By nature, all tea is detox tea. Albeit, Green tea specifically may be your best bet due to it’s higher anti-oxidant, bioflavinoid content compared to white, black, and mixed teas. You can look for herbal teas also that pack a lot of flavor and holistic benefits also. Try to find an herbal tea that has green tea in the ingredients or mix teas.

4) Eat lots of vegetables.

Preferably dark leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach, but other vegetables will work also. Stay away from starchy vegetables like corn, carrots, peas and potatoes though. The point of loading up on vegetables here is to provide your body with an adequate supply of fiber, vitamins, and minerals to replenish what you sweat out and to aid in the detoxification process. Your liver is not only your body’s detox powerhouse, but it is also the storage facility for many nutrients. Our goal here is to give the liver what it needs to do its job. Click here for more ways to get vegetables in your diet without making salads.

By the time you’re done stocking up for this detox process you’ll probably have spent less than $5. By the time you’re done with this detox process you’ll feel much healthier and more informed.

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4 thoughts on “How to Detox Without Buying Expensive Products”

  1. Great tips – thank you! I like that you touched on not to “tox” in the first place, haha. Too true. People these days tend to binge-drink for two weeks, assuming that if they do a juice cleanse the next two weeks they will somehow be fine. However it creates such a rollercoaster lifestyle. Balance is definitely key.

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