4 Steps to Bigger Arms

Scan the weight floor of your local gym quickly and you’ll probably notice a teenager doing dumbbell curls completely wrong almost immediately. I always offer my help to people when I see them doing an exercise wrong, or not utilizing an exercise to its full effectiveness. Now I’m going to provide you with the knowledge to do the same. Here are the Steps to Bigger Arms:

1. Variety

You need a variety of exercises in order to promote muscle growth. Doing the same exercises every week will not only make your routine stagnant, but your body will adapt quickly and there will be no need to grow anymore. Doing little things like switching alternating dumbbell curls with barbell curls could be enough to spark some new growth. Change up your routine every few weeks.

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2. Angles

Changing the angles of the exercise you’re doing places stress on different parts of the muscle which can help you target small muscle groups. This isn’t just about changing your grip from wide, medium or close. Next time you do preacher curls turn your chest out so your shoulder is in line with your elbow and your elbow is in line with your wrist. Apply this kind of thinking to other exercises also!

3. Volume

Lots and lots of volume has always worked well for me. 5 sets of Rope Pull downs for 15+ reps/set has worked better for me in the past than 3 sets of 12. There are some exercises that I may only do 3 sets of 20 reps and others that I’ll do 5 sets of 10 reps. Experiment with it and see how it works for you. After a few weeks go heavier and do 4 sets of 8 reps for an exercise for example.

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4. Isolation

Keep that elbow still. No swinging your arms because that will recruit other muscles to assist with the lift. Isolate your biceps or triceps, and focus on really hitting just that muscle. Once you’ve got that down, focus on each individual head of the biceps or triceps. Now you want to hit just the long head or the short head of the biceps, or the long head, medial head, or lateral head of the triceps. This kind of isolation thinking will lead to more proportional, defined and impressive arms.

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For the record, I learned a lot about growing bigger arms by watching Mike Rashid and CT Fletcher’s YouTube videos. I’ve come up with my own exercises that work great for me now but every now and then I still go back to what I learned from watching them. I definitely recommend check them out.

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